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Nightwatch Keyword Rank Monitor Backlink Tracker.
Accurate rank tracking whether youre looking at global rankings or how you rank in. Grow your organic traffic, track your most important keywords, demonstrate the values of your SEO efforts, and drive more sales with Nightwatchs rank tracking, site audit, backlink, and reporting tools. no credit card required. Trusted by companies of all sizes. The Most Accurate Global Local Rank Tracker on the Market. Nightwatch is designed to save SEO professionals hours of time by making accurate ranking data more accessible. Nightwatch aggregates data from all major SEO and search sources from Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, and other popular SEO sources, turns it into beautiful, easy to export professional-looking reports for clients. Sound too good to be true? Here are Nightwatchs Cons According to Capterra. Took a bit of time to figure out how to implement multiple GA and GSC accounts, but support was excellent in helping us. Founder Marketing Specialist Marketing and Advertising 1-10 employees Used the software for: 6-12 months.
Backlink Indexing 101: How To Get Links in Google.
Build A PBN. Brand New Site. White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO. Build A PBN. Brand New Site. Backlink Indexing 101. Ive got too much content coming out at the moment, so I thought Id write this post as a page rather than putting it out on my main blog and cluttering that with posts. Its been debated for sometime now whether or not you should even use backlink indexers Well, Ill tell you now: You should. Indexing Low Quality Links For Free. Ive talked about this service many times before, and many people doubt it or bash it.
21 ACTIONABLE Link Building Strategies With Examples and Scripts.
Therefore, one of the best ways to land quick link wins is to ensure you dont have backlinks pointing to dead pages. Heres how to do it.: Head over to the Ahrefs Best by Links report. Filter by 404, and sort referring domains RD in descending order.: The first 404 page in the list has 6 referring domains pointing to it. Not a huge number. But, check out what happens when you click on the Referring Domains link.: The 404 page has two solid links pointing to it.: Search Engine Watch DR 71. ReputationX DR 48. High authority backlinks like these are very hard to get even with great content and a dialed in outreach campaign. But, we managed to find them in a matter of seconds. Important: Scan down the list and only attempt to reclaim links from quality sites relevant to your industry.: Only the first two opportunities in this report are worth looking at closer. The others are low DR, and look completely irrelevant. Redirecting these types of links into other important assets on your site would do more harm than good.
Negative SEO Case Study Cleaning up an Attack With Ahrefs.
Just like Ahrefs, Majestic also has a very large database of backlinks. In fact, these two tools have been battling it out for years to see who could provide more data. You cant really go wrong with either tool. Majestic backlink tool. Moz Open Site Explorer. Moz is an all-in-one SEO tool for digital marketers and agencies. They have a tool called Open Site Explorer which gives you access to a lot of backlink data, similar to the tools above. For beginners, the Moz tool might be the better way to go, as they present data in a very easy to understand format. They are also popular for creating what a lot of marketers refer to as domain authority. Google still uses PageRank behind the scenes, but no longer publishes or updates it. So a lot of marketers have looked at Moz for domain authority for comparing sites. Moz Open Site Explorer. And lastly, SEMrush is an all-in-one competitive data and analytics tool for digital marketing professionals. It doesnt have the robust backlink databases that the above tools have, but they are constantly improving on it. Definitely, one to check out.
5 Types of Negative SEO How to Stay Safe.
Finally, if you do find some of the links to be spammy, or you want to tidy up your backlink profile, you can add them to a disavow file, then download the file and submit it to Google's' disavow tool.
Backlink Monitor from Inspyder Backlink Management Made Easy Inspyder.
Backlink Monitor checks the status then automatically figures out your tiers. It detects which tiers are broken and which pages are unindexed so you can laser focus your link building strategy. Youll never build a backlink you dont need again. Backlink Monitor also integrates with the industrys most popular indexing services, so you can submit your backlinks with the click of a mouse. No more spreadsheets, no more headaches. Start saving time and saving money today! Features Trial Version Full Version. Import Backlinks from Submit Backlinks Directly to Indexing Services. Scheduled Email Reports. Unlimited Project Configurations. Up to 100 Crawler Threads. Priority Technical Support. Free Minor Updates. Cost Per License Learn More. Windows XP SP2 or Higher. 32-bit and 64-bit supported. 1GB of available hard disk space. Backlink Monitor Key Uses. Backlink Index Checker. Backlink PageRank Checker. Bulk Backlink Checker. Monitor Website Backlinks. Buy Now 74.95. Buy Now 74.95. Upgrade to Version: v5. Backlink Status Explained. Anchor Text Analysis. Stealth Index Checking. Backlink Monitor 5. Rating: 402 Votes. Latest Version: 5.1.2. Last Updated: June 06 2018. File Size: 30.90 MB. Website Spell Checking. XML Sitemap Generator. Web Scraping Software. Google Position Checker.
Being outranked by a scraper site? Google says it's' your problem Search Engine Watch.
However, speaking at SMX recently, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes stated that, if you are being outranked then its probably a problem with your site. If a scraper is outranking your site for your original content, then something is probably wrong with your site says @methode smx.
How to Build Backlinks: 14 Easy Ways to Get Backlinks.
10 min read. Backlink Builder Change the way you find backlink ideas. There are hundreds of factors that go into Googles ranking algorithm, but many agree that backlink-related factors count for dozens of those. Simply put, your site wont rank well without them. 6 min read. The Official SpyFu Blog. How to Build Backlinks: 14 Easy Ways to Get Backlinks.
RankAhrefs: Scraper for A-Parser scraper for SEO professionals.
A-Parser scraper for SEO professionals. A-Parser Wiki Documentation Parsers. Submit New Ticket. A-Parser has been built with a vast understanding of extracting and processing large volumes of information. We strive to produce only market leading software using over 10 years experience in the parsing industry.
Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days.
After executing The Skyscraper Technique, the number of backlinks to that page shot up like a rocket.: More importantly, organic search traffic to my entire site not just that post doubled in just 14 days.: As a nice bonus, that single post has driven more than 300000, referral visitors to my site so far.
How to create your own SEO tool The detailed guide SEO Explorer's' Blog.
What is a backlink explorer tool? How the backlink explorer tool works? How to create backlinks explorer tool. How to create backlinks crawler. Building a crawler with Python. Building a crawler with Libcurl. Build it all yourself. How to build a database for backlinks. Percona MySQL database. Custom database solution. Integration and GUI for backlinks tools. Our backlinks API. How to create keywords explorer tool? What is a keywords explorer tool? Why should someone use a keywords explorer tool? How does a keywords tool work? Keywords explorer scraper.
Backlink Analysis The Easiest Ways To Build Links.
Ahrefs SEMRush SEO Spyglass. 99 / Month. 99.95 / Month. 31.49 / Month. 7 for 7 days. 14 Day Trial Freemium Model. But dont do anything just yet! First I want to show you precisely how we are going to use this data to grow our own search traffic! The Best Way To Steal Your Competitors Best Backlinks. Using the tools above Im going to show you exactly how to steal your competitors links. This is the proven repeatable method Ive been using for years. Im going to give you access to my powerful personal SEO tool for absolutely free. Heres what you need to do. Step 1 Find Your Competitors Ranking URLs. Your starting point is to get a list of the top 5 ranking URLs for your target keyword. Select the keyword you want to target. Then do a search in Google and make a list of the first 5x organic search results.: Your final list of URLs should look something like this.: Ecommerce SEO Guide: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic in 2020. The Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites. Step 2 Download My Free Backlink Analysis Tool.

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